Coffee Service You Can Count On

Sit back and let your supplies come to you! Galla Coffee Service, based in Cicero, Illinois, delivers fresh ground or whole bean coffee to your place of business.

Regular Delivery or a one time order

Fresh coffee supplies delivered! On your schedule, every two weeks, once a month, depending on your demand. Your employees never again have to leave your office to replenish the inventory! Regular monthly orders include coffee equipment availability.

Our Single cup coffee equipment includes 12 selections: coffee, cafe latte, vanilla latte, french vanilla cappuccino, espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate w/cream, latte, coffee light, cafe mocha, swiss hot chocolate and hot water.   FRESHLY BREWED ONE CUP AT A TIME.

Our commercial coffee equipment is made of stainless steel with black trim to go with any decor. You can use our equipment or purchase the brewer. All brewers suit your available counter space and, if requested, we’ll even plumb in a dedicated hot water tap for near-instant cups of delicious tea or hot chocolate. Brands we carry include:

   •  Starbucks®
   •  Caribou® 
   •  Douwe Egberts®
   •  White Bear® 
   •  Seattle’s Best®
   •  Gloria Jean’s®
   •  Folgers® 
   •  Maxwell House®
   •  Peet's®
   •  Dunkin' Donuts® 
   •  Tazo®
   •  Bigelow®

All-in-One Service

Coffee packs are pre-measured to make one pot, which averages to around 10–12 cups. Also on offer are canisters or individual packets of all the powdered and liquid creamers, sugars, and sweeteners you could ever wish for, such as Coffee-mate®, Equal®, SPLENDA® and Sweet’N Low®. Stir sticks come in tall and short options, either 7.25” or 5” respectively; Styrofoam cups come in 8-, 10-, 12-, and 16-ounce options.

Contact us to sign up for our coffee subscription service and receive the free rental of coffee makers.